About Us

Shanti Upendra Foundation For Development Initiatives (Sufdi) is a General Charitable Trust

Message Genesis Aims and Objectives Board of Trustees

Professor Chandra Bhushan Sharma shall be the SOLE/CHIEF TRUSTEE and shall hold the Office of Chief Trustee lifelong and in case of his incapacity or incapability or otherwise to act as Trustee(s) or for any reason whatsoever shall nominate one or more CHIEF and/or Member Trustee(s) to the trust

Governing Body

For smooth and proper functioning of the Trust and /or in order to carry out its objectives he may nominate any experienced or qualified person as Member of the Governing Body subject to a maximum of five members but they together with the trustee(s) shall not form Board of Trustees, rather a Governing Body of the Trust in order to carry out its aims and objectives.